How to Meet a Stranger - VUC Syd

How to Meet a Stranger

Durch VUC Syd

  • Veröffentlichungsdatum: 2016-05-04
  • Genre: Sozialkunde

Beschreibung vom Buch

This book focuses on ways to communicate in formal and informal settings by highlighting the differences between talking to a stranger and someone that you know. It looks at ways to greet someone, start a conversation, be polite, speak on the phone, and say goodbye by asking the questions: How do you greet someone? How do you start a conversation? How do you speak politely? How do you say goodbye? 

The reader is introduced to phrases and sentences that can be used in various situations. Body language is shown by using videos for different situations.

The tasks of the book set the stage for the reader to produce, investigate and research through various types of tasks based on the book's instructions and examples.

How to Meet a Stranger is designed to be used from age 12 through to adult education, in English and interdisciplinary courses.