Komodo National Park - Colin Smillie

Komodo National Park

Durch Colin Smillie

  • Veröffentlichungsdatum: 2017-01-03
  • Genre: Natur

Beschreibung vom Buch

Just west of Timor, a little east of Bali, and a long way back in time, lie the Lesser Sunda Islands, part of the East Nusa Tenggara region of the Indonesian Archipelago. Nestled amongst these islands, between Sumbawa and Flores, rises a small patch of land made up of the eroded remains of ancient volcanoes. Covered with a patchwork of dry, grassy savannas, groves of tall Lontar palm trees, tracts of monsoon deciduous forests, and quasi-cloud forests, this unassuming island is home to one of the most famous creatures on the planet—the Komodo Dragon. Learn about the dragons and their national park home with this illustrated and interactive eBook.