Munich - Robert Harris


Durch Robert Harris

  • Veröffentlichungsdatum: 2017-09-21
  • Genre: Historische Romane

Beschreibung vom Buch


Hitler is determined to start a war. Chamberlain is desperate to preserve the peace.

They agree to meet in Munich.

Travelling with their leaders are two young men. Paul Hartmann and Hugh Legat were friends at university, but now find themselves on two very different sides.

Europe's darkest hour approaches. The fate of millions depends on the Munich conference, but not just on the leaders. Beneath the surface, spies do their secret work – and the secrets Hartmann and Legat are hiding could plunge the world into war, or even prevent it.

At a terrible cost.

Spying. Treachery. Murder.
Some men will do anything for peace.

‘A brilliantly constructed spy novel’ Observer

‘Grips from start to finish … Superb’ Mail on Sunday