Korg Volca Sample - The Expert Guide - Tony Horgan

Korg Volca Sample - The Expert Guide

Durch Tony Horgan

  • Veröffentlichungsdatum: 2017-10-06
  • Genre: Musik

Beschreibung vom Buch

Back once again with another officially endorsed Volca Expert Guide, Tony Horgan gets deep into the Korg Volca Sample. This interactive guide includes detailed explanations and demos of every control and feature, using Tony's trademark straight-talking text, inspirational audio, clear illustrations and gorgeous photography. Quick-start guides will lead you through the basics in minutes, and from there you can explore every detail of the Korg Volca Sample at your own pace. Sections on the theory of sound sampling, sample creation and sample editing are included to allow you to break free from the presets and create your own unique sounds. This is essential reading (and listening) for every Volca Sample user.

The full chapter list:
1. About this book
- Hello
- Acknowledgements
2. Quick-start guides
- Select a Part, assign a sample
- Select and play a pattern or "song"
- Create a pattern (Step mode)
- Create a pattern (Live mode)
- Save a pattern or song
- Record a motion sequence
- What is a "song"?
- Create a "song"
- Create a melody or bassline
- Load new samples
- Delete selected samples
- Delete all samples
3. Understanding and creating samples
- What is a sample?
- Where to find new samples
- Recording samples
- Creating or rendering samples
- Editing samples
4. Analogue Isolator
- How to use the analogue isolator
5. Sample knob, Start Point, Length
- Sample select knob
- Length
- Start point
6. Hi Cut
- Hi Cut
7. Speed, EG Int, Pitch Attack, Pitch Decay
- Speed knob
- Understanding the pitch envelope
- EG Int (Pitch Envelope Generator Intensity)
- Pitch Envelope Attack
- Pitch Envelope Decay
8. Level and Pan
- Level
- Pan
9. Amp Attack, Amp Decay
- Understanding the Amplitude Envelope
- Amp Attack
- Amp Decay
10. Tempo, Swing, Reverb Mix, Volume
- Tempo
- Swing
- Reverb Mix
- Volume
11. Part, Reverse, Reverb
- Part
- Reverse
- Reverb
12. Mute, Solo
- Mute
- Solo
13. Func
- All Func button functions
14. Memory, Write, Step Mode, Step Jump
- Memory / Write
- Step mode
- Step Jump
15. Play, Record, Active Step, Step Record
- Play, Record
- Active Step
- Record / Step Record
16. Keyboard, Loop, Motion Seq, Clear
- Understanding the keyboard
- Part keys / memory keys
- Song memory keys
- Loop on / off
- Motion sequence keys
- Clear keys
17. MIDI In
- MIDI: an overview
- How the Volca Sample responds to MIDI
- MIDI cables
- Retrokits RK-002 MIDIator cable
- MIDI Control Change Messages
- MIDI Control Change Numbers
- MIDI RX Short Message
18. Sync and headphone sockets
- What is Sync?
- Changing Sync steps
- Changing Sync polarity
- Headphone socket
19. Power
- Mains and battery power
- Auto power off
20. Trouble shooting and global parameters
- Samples will not transfer
- Sync problems
- Voice stealing or muting
- Firmware update / system update
- Global parameters