Esther and Mordecai - Alarice Mitchell

Esther and Mordecai

Durch Alarice Mitchell

  • Veröffentlichungsdatum: 2018-12-07
  • Genre: Christentum

Beschreibung vom Buch

The success of every man and woman of God comes through their obedience and faith in God. Esther and Mordecai availed themselves and were placed in positions where they were faced with choices. Esther was in a position of comfort and power. Mordecai was obedient and faithful to God, which led him to be strategically placed in order to fulfill the will of God. Circumstances beyond their control compelled Esther and Mordecai to intervene for the preservation of the Jews.

The author takes you through the book of Esther and highlights;

The importance of unity between men and women;

How God prepares us through our experiences and circumstances in order to fulfill our purpose; 

Comparisons in the society where Esther lived and our modern day society;

The identity of the woman through Jesus Christ;

The celebration of the feast of Purim