Dietary Supplements for Health - Brenda Adams

Dietary Supplements for Health

Durch Brenda Adams

  • Veröffentlichungsdatum: 2012-05-03
  • Genre: Gesundheit und Fitness

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Discover The Secrets To Getting And Staying Healthy With Dietary Supplements!

Vitamins are an important nutritional resource, and for this reason doctors may prescribe certain vitamins specific to one's own needs.

One example of this would be the prescription of folic acid and other prenatal vitamins to pregnant and nursing mothers. In addition to this, there are some medications prescribed for certain ailments that actually deplete the levels of vitamins in the body.

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# Little Known Vitamin Facts And Myths
# Vitamins And Kids
# Vitamins, Medications, And Health Benefits
# Vitamins And Men
# Vitamins And Women
# Supplements Vs. Food
# A Comprehensive Breakdown Of Vitamins And Supplements

Most people do not realize that cooking foods vastly breaks down their vitamin content, significantly reducing their nutritional value. The process of heating the food breaks down the vitamins structure.

When we eat cooked food, it ends up having not even half of the assumed nutritional intake as one would expect. It is for this reason that eating cooked food leaves one at a disadvantage if they are trying to pack all of their daily nutritional needs into their diet alone.