The War of Civlar - Isuru Abeysinghe

The War of Civlar

Durch Isuru Abeysinghe

  • Veröffentlichungsdatum: 2012-04-07
  • Genre: Belletristik und Literatur

Beschreibung vom Buch

The year is 2250.Post holocaust.Humanity's once expansive civilizations have been laid to waste, a victim of their own innovations, desires and foolhardy concepts of progress. The first cataclysm was an ideological war between factions who, although adhered to largely the same principals and structure, were separated by a rift in mythology and scripture. This was syntax, not semantics. However, those at the top knew that this rift was simply a front, since the real situation concerning mankind was that of overpopulation and the dwindling of resources. As it is politically incorrect to fight wars based on the simple principal of supply and demand, increasing extremism on both sides and the polarizations of the so called ideologies were pumped to the masses as the sole reason for their respective struggles.Despite this lack, technology continued to advance on both sides, spurred on by the real and present danger of being subjugated and persecuted should the other side win. Atrocities piled on top of atrocities and a complete ban on communication meant that the separate civilizations eventually no longer considered the other side as human.However, the war was not the cause.To sustain the ever increasing need for resources, scientists had long since pulled out the safeguards and checkpoints that regulated the progress of technology. Thus, a combination of genetic mutations, caused by medical advances that cured diseases through altering DNA and rouge nano-machines that had also evolved, mechanically as opposed to biologically, to wreak havoc on the balance of nature and topple of human being from the top of the predatory pyramid on Earth.Now the expanses of the globe had been rendered largely uninhabitable. To step outside of a protected zone, sealed off by the massive infrastructure projects that isolated humans with their own air, food and water from the majority of the planet would mean certain death.But there was still war.