Agile Transition - What you Need to Know Before Starting - Andrea Tomasini & Martin Kearns

Agile Transition - What you Need to Know Before Starting

Durch Andrea Tomasini & Martin Kearns

  • Veröffentlichungsdatum: 2012-01-08
  • Genre: Business und Finanzen
Score: 5
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Beschreibung vom Buch

In truth, agile is not a well qualified term as it is mostly misused as a cool synonym for 'reacting fast to changes'.

Throughout our agile journeys we have seen the term 'Agile' used to a point where it is a form of avoidance of due-diligence, while for others it represents a catalyst for innovation. We learned that each situation is unique and must be appreciated without presumption.

Read more about our experiences with Agile Transitions.


  • Let´s go agile

    Buchkommentar halbermeter
    Very helpful overview about agile transition! If you want to work agile, you have to show this book to your boss!
  • Highly recommended reading

    Buchkommentar vit.buf
    The book offers a clear and complete picture of the topic, even for those who don't have knowledge on the subject. Concepts are introduced and explained in a clear and concise way without getting lost in useless digressions. I read it with much pleasure.
  • Becoming agile requires hard work. Honest and enjoyable!

    Buchkommentar Legolaf
    The message of this book is concise and clear: You can't just "buy" agile. Hard work is still required. As much as you can't delegate quality, you should not delegate agility. You need to take responsibility for mindset and culture of your organization, and be prepared to let go of some firm beliefs that may have made you successful in the past. Martin Kearns and Andrea Tomasini clearly know what they are writing about, they've made the journey and helped a lot of businesses to become agile. They list and explain four concepts you need to understand when you start: - Empirical Process Control - Lean Principles - Pull- and Push-Systems - Incremental delivery of value With that common ground, they give you tools that help you on your way. A clear vision to communicate direction and align movement, a strategy map to shape the path, how to unlock passion in your people and how to limit risks on the way. They suggest interesting and useful reads in their bibliography, which I would highly recommend as your reference point for books and articles on agile basics, should you want to read more. Plus, they offer help. Overall, an excellent package!
  • From the very first sentence to the last one, a highly enjoyable reading

    Buchkommentar Stefeno
    Every aspect on the subject is pleasantly presented and you definitely get the feeling that the authors know what they are talking about, and how to talk about it, with a good balance of theoretical overview and practical, experience-driven talk. Absolutely recommended.
  • Finally real experience about Agile Transition and Agile Management

    Buchkommentar Teckmx5
    There is no blueprint to become Agile… That's what Andrea Tomasini and Martin Kearns are making very clear in their small but very interesting book. They do not only talk about agile for teams or the development, they also give a clear picture on how an organization needs to change in order to become agile and what agile management and leadership means. "Agile Transition-What you need to know before starting" is a must for everybody moving towards agility.