The Motivation Code - Anthony Smits

The Motivation Code

Durch Anthony Smits

  • Veröffentlichungsdatum: 2015-03-19
  • Genre: Selbstverwirklichung

Beschreibung vom Buch

If you want success like you want a drink after ten hours working hard in summer heat, then The Motivation Code is the system you need to get yourself on the right road fast. There are five actions you can start doing today. If you do them consistently, you will achieve most things you attempt. This is not 'get rich quick' scheme, just a very clear road map to follow. Action One is about discovering yourself. Many dismiss it as unnecessary. You'll be the one wearing the grin when you realise how vital it is. Action Two is a hack that leads to an understanding of your greatest ability. Action Three is the choice you'll make after doing the first two.
Now you're more than half way. Action Four digs out the emotional reasons you want success, as logical reasons for action will never motivate you. And Action Five is where you ride off into tomorrow, knowing exactly where you're going, what the price will be, and why. It's a simple code. And its effect is stunning, if you use it for good. Will you?